PDLC Glass/Smart Glass/ Switchable Glass

PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) glass, often referred to as “smart glass” or “switchable glass”, is a cutting-edge product that allows users to alternate between transparent and opaque states on-demand. Incorporating liquid crystal molecules inside a polymer matrix, PDLC glass transitions between clear and frosted with the simple flip of a switch.

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Features & Benefits

Instant Privacy : With just a click, go from transparent to opaque, ensuring immediate privacy whenever you need it.
Energy Efficient : Reduce the costs of heating and cooling by optimizing sunlight penetration.
Enhanced Aesthetics : Sleek and modern, PDLC glass adds a touch of sophistication to any space.
UV Protection : Block harmful ultraviolet rays, protecting interiors from fading.
Noise Reduction : Apart from visual privacy, PDLC glass also provides superior acoustic insulation.

Applications of PDLC Glass

Offices : Meeting rooms, cabins, and partition walls.
Homes : Bathroom windows, front doors, and room dividers.
Retail Spaces : Changing rooms, showcase displays, and store fronts.
Healthcare Facilities : Patient rooms, ICUs, and operational theaters.
Hotels & Restaurants : Entrance doors, partition walls, and VIP sections.

Customization Options

Tailor your PDLC glass to suit specific needs:
Sizes : From small windows to expansive glass walls.
Shapes : Choose from a range of geometric or custom shapes.

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